Full Program - Tuesday, 29 and Wednesday 30, January 2013


Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Gendarmenplatz, Berlin, Germany

On Tuesday and Wednesday we meet at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Gendarmenmarkt, for the Full Conference Program. The APE 2013 Conference Program is being developed by a high level Program Committee and will offer a broad perspective, varying from research excellence, peer reviewing, use of information, content innovation, funding and investing, business models, new types of information, enabling technologies, repositories, search engines, dissemination, access and sharing of knowledge. There will be a lot of time for discussions and meeting with friends and colleagues ...


Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Gendarmenmarkt, Markgrafenstr. 38, 10117 BERLIN

Restaurant Gendarmerie  for APE 2012  Dinner Conference


... and enjoy the conference dinner

The conference dinner at Tuesday night will be offered in 'Restaurant Gendarmerie', which is a very fine location with Starcook Joe Laggner. Interior design by Annebelle Selldorf. Painting 'Bacchanal' (5 x 14 m) from Jean Yves Klein.


Restaurant Gendarmerie
Behrenstraße 42
10117 BERLIN, Germany



PowerPoint Presentations will be attached in the respective program days after the conference.



click for program Tuesday, 29 January 2013: Status January 10, 2013

Doors open for Registration (Coffee, Tea & Snacks)


Welcome and Opening: German Association of Publishers and Booksellers, Frankfurt


Eric Merkel-Sobotta, Chairman, International Association of STM Publishers, The Hague and EVP, Corporate Communications, Springer Science + Business Media, Berlin

The Funding of Publishing. Opening Remarks




Professor Dr. Karl Ulrich Mayer, President,Leibniz Association, Berlin

Open Access - Improving Returns of Public Investment into Research. A perspective from Germany


Dame Janet Finch, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, UK

Accessibility, Sustainability, Excellence: the UK Approach


Professor Dr. Adam Tickel, University of Birmingham, UK

Implementing Open Access in UK Universities


Buffet Lunch


Invited Overviews

Chair: Dr. H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director and CEO, American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD


Dr. John Vaughn, EVP, Association of American Universities and Chairman, Scholarly Publishing Roundtabel, Washington, D.C.

The Future of Scholarly Communication: US Efforts to Bring Warring Factions to Common Purpose in Support of Scholarship


Brian A. Hitson, Associate Director, Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI),U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN

Improving Access to U.S. Department of Energy R&D Results - Agency/Publisher Collaboratio


Michael Mabe, CEO, The International Association of STM Publishers, The Hague and Oxford

Gold and Green: post PEER reflections


Coffee & Tea and Networking


Session: Research Data

Chair: Dr. Jan Brase, DataCite, German National Library of Science and Technology, Hannover


Dr. Thomas Lemberger, Chief Editor, Molecular Systems Biology and Deputy Head of Scientific Publications, EMBO, Heidelberg

Source Data - Towards Next Generation Open Access


Nigel Robinson, Director, Operations and Development, Thomson Reuters, York, UK

Data Citation Index


Dr. Salvatore Mele, Head of Open Access, CERN, Geneva

The Discovery of the Higgs(-like) Boson at CERN: Physics and Publishing


The APE 2013 Guest Lecture

Introduced by Dr. Sven Fund, Managing Director, De Gruyter, Berlin


Professor Dr. Wolfram Koch, Executive Director, German Chemical Society, Frankfurt

Learned Societies and Scientific Publishing - a multifaceted Relationship


Conference Dinner at the 'Restaurant Gendarmerie' ( please note: on Invitation / separate Registration)




click for program Wednesday, 30 January 2013: Status December 18, 2012

Doors open (Coffee, Tea & Snacks)



Session: Innovations

Open Science and New apps for Open Sharing

Chair: Drs. Eefke Smit, Director, Standards and Technology, STM, The Hague


Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Publisher, BioMed Central & GigaScience, London

Open Data at GigaScience and BioMed Central


Ian Mulvany, Head of Technology, eLife, Cambridge

Innovations for Open Sharing at eLife


Dr. Rebecca Lawrence, Publisher, F1000 Research, London

Innovations in Open Peer Review and Data Sharing


Dr. Victor Henning, Co-Founder & CEO, Mendeley Ltd., London

How to make Sharing easy for Researchers, will Publishers become redundant?


Coffee & Tea and Networking


Session: New Business Models & Enabling Technologies


Katrin Siems, VP Marketing and Sales, De Gruyter, Berlin

The usage-driven Decade. How ‘Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)’ changes Scholarly Publishing


Ir. Zofia E. Brinkman-Dzwig, Product Manager, Delft University of Technology, Delft

Innovative Collection Development with PDA in the TU Delft Library


Kevin Cohn, Chief Operating Officer, Atypon Inc., New York

Improving Research Efficiency through User and Content Fingerprinting


Stefan Geißler, Managing Director, TEMIS GmbH, Heidelberg

Luxid® Community - An Online Platform for Collaborative Semantics


Buffet Lunch


Session: Open Books

Chair: Bettina Goerner, Director, Open Access & Business Development, Springer Science + Business Media, Heidelberg


Eelco Ferwerda, Director, OAPEN Foundation, The Hague

OA Models for Monographs gaining Momentum


Frances Pinter, Founder and Director, Knowledge Unlatched, London and Eric Hellman, President, Gluejar Inc., Montclair, NJ

Freeing Books with Disruptive Models (Provisional Title)


Carrie Calder, Marketing Director, Palgrave Macmillan, London

Open or not: what is a Book?


Coffee & Tea and Networking


Closing Panel: The Communication of Information

Introduced by Robert M. Campbell, Senior Publisher, Wiley Blackwell, Oxford

Chair: Dr. Rick Borchelt, Office of the Director, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD


The extended publishing community has recently engaged in a number of high-profile conversations regarding the value that the publication process adds to the scientific process and to public understanding of science and technology.  
The community could benefit greatly from development of a common set of principles for how to communicate and express those values, depending on the audiences involved and the sector of the community doing the communications.  
This session aims to draw together professional communicators from diverse sectors within the publishing community to begin a dialogue with APE participants about what in particular those principles should address and how those principles should be articulated.


Dr. Rick Borchelt, Office of the Director, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD
Michael Mabe, CEO, The International Association of STM Publishers, The Hague and Oxford

Alice Meadows, Director, Society Relations, Wiley, Maiden, MA

Dr. Bernd Pulverer, Head, Scientific Publications, EMBO, Heidelberg


End of APE 2013